Interesting Books

William Bernard Ullathorne

Price: £3.00

Bishop William Bernard Ullathorne 1806 – 1889. Dominic Aidan Bellenger. Paperback 30pp

The Pugins and the Hardmans

Price: £5.00

Their influence on the churches of this Country. Brian Doolan. Paperback 34pp.

The Pugins and The Catholic Midlands

Price: £5.00

Roderick O’Donnell. Paperback 125pp.

The Catholic Bishops of Birmingham

Price: £5.00

From1865 to 1965 there have been seven Bishops of Birmingham. This is a cameo of each of them. Brian Doolan & Aidan Bellenger. Paperback 30 pages.

Richard Challoner: A Georgian Bishop

Price: £3.00

Richard Challoner 1691 – 1781. Brian Doolan. Paperback 32pp

Midland Catholic History

Price: £3.00

The Gunpowder Plot. J.J. Scarisbrick, Michael Hodgetts & Malcom Wanklyn. Paperback 46pp. Out of print.

Father Hudson and His Society

Price: £3.00

A History 1898 -1998. Sylvia M. Pinches. Paperback 50pp. Out of print.

Saint Chad of Lichfield and Birmingham

Price: £3.00

St Chad of Lichfield and Birmingham  592 – 672. Michael Greenslade. Paperback 32pp.

Midlands Catholic Buildings

Price: £3.95

From Harvington Hall to the Chapel at Brails, 76 pages of details on many of the Catholic Building in the Midlands. Michael Hodgetts. Out of print.

Those who have gone before us

Price: £2.50

The story of the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. Marie B. Rowlands.
Paperback. 60pp.